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Holds Meeting, Welcomes
Colonel Thomas Languirand 
Incoming Chief of Technician Personnel at National Guard Bureau 
Colonel Thomas Languirand, Chief of Technician Personnel at NGB (front row, forth from left), poses with the 
NGDC and with other LIUNA National Guard Local Members that attended the March 2011 meeting.

Washington, DC (March 31, 2011) - The National Guard District Council of LIUNA convened for the second time as they dealt with several issues that have national implications. The meeting was hosted at LIUNA Headquarters, just one block north of the White House. Council President, Mr. Jade Cowley, called the meeting to order at 8:13am. 

Among the guests present were Mr. Robert Purcell, Director of LIUNA's Public Employee Department (PED), Mr. William Keeton, Assistant Director for PED, Ms. Danielle LeClair, Federal Sector Coordinator for PED, Carmen R. Parcelli and Elizabeth A. Roma from the LIUNA Elections Office, and Colonel Thomas Languirand, the new Chief of Technician Personnel (TN) of the National Guard Bureau (NGB). 

The meeting was a huge success. Council members considered different items of interest and set the agenda for the rest of the year. Several motions dealing with contractual language, constitutional compliance, and Council meetings frequency and budget were offered and passed. Presentations were also done by Ms. LeClair on legislative efforts, and by Mr. Keeton on organizing efforts at the Local Union level. Mr. Purcell also presented the Official LIUNA District Council Charter to the NGDC. The unofficial meeting minutes will be made available no later than 30 April 2011. 

Col. Languirand's visit was especially significant because of his role, and because of the direct impact that the decisions made by his office have on the entire National Guard technician workforce. Those present at the meeting were among the first few to speak to Col. Languirand in his new role as the Chief of NGB-TN. Col. Languirand spent over 1 hour with the NGDC. He introduced himself, made a brief statement, and then opened the floor for questions. The general feeling of those present was that he's a very approachable person, and that he is someone that will work with us during his tenure as Chief. 

The NGDC Meeting followed a very successful week during which National Guard members visited Capitol Hill.

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