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Sen. Jack Reed (D-RI) Introduces Legislation to Modernize National Guard Technician Program (S. 2312)

Bill Seeks to Address Benefit Inequities, Provide Due Process for Dual-Status Technicians
by Ben Banchs

Official Press Release

Gen. President Terry O'Sullivan thanks Sen. Reed

New Orleans, La. (May 23, 2014) – There is no doubt that the National Guard costs less than the active duty force. In order to maintain a high level of readiness while keeping costs low the National Guard relies on a small full-time workforce of Federal civil service employees commonly known as dual-status technicians (DSTs). Over 48,000 National Guard dual-status technicians serve throughout the 54 states, territories, and the District of Columbia.
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A National Guard AH-64 Apache lands on a Navy ship -- a rare skill in the Army. But the Pentagon's budget plans would move all Guard Apaches to active-duty units.

NGB Rescinds Controversial Language From All Dual-Status Position Descriptions

"...does not fall within the scope of the National Guard Technician Act of 1968..."
by Ben Banchs

New Orleans, LA (March 11, 2014) - Guidance recently issued by NGB suggest that management of the National Guard (NG) dual-status technician (DST) program is taking a step in the right direction. A memo issued by NGB's Technician Branch orders all states and territories to rescind certain language from all DST position descriptions (PDs); language that only served to blur the lines of what types of military duties a dual-status technician can and can't legally perform while in a civilian status.

Military Women: We Got Fired for Being Raped

New legislation in Iowa would address sexual assault and retaliation in the National Guard

Mountain View, CA (March 4, 2014) - Military women across the country are responding to an NBC Bay Area investigation highlighting the alleged sexual assault and subsequent termination of a former member of the California National Guard. They say Master Sergeant Jessica Brown, a former airman in the 129th Rescue Wing out of Moffett Field, is not alone. They contacted the Investigative Unit to tell their own stories of how they were raped and then forced out of the careers they loved, and to renew their call for greater accountability in the National Guard.  

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NGDC News  
LIUNA NGDC 4Q 2013 Conference
4Q 2013 LIUNA NGDC Conference in Rosemont, IL
National Guard Technicians from across the Nation
gathered in Chicago to receive training and discuss
the future of the technician program.
LIUNA NGDC 4th Quarter Conference Comes to Chicago
by Steven Pratt & Ben Banchs

Chicago, IL (February 3, 2014) - The National Guard District Council (NGDC) of LIUNA chose the Windy City to host its annual 4th Quarter Conference. National Guard Technicians from across the Nation braved the snow and cold to attend the NGDC's 3rd annual winter event. Click here for full story.

Pay & Benefits
Wear the Uniform...
Still Get Furloughed
Wear of Military Uniform Does Not Equal Pay or Duty Status for National Guard Dual Status Technicians

Sequestration Serves to Settle Long Standing Debate; Uniform Merely a Condition of Civilian Employment
by Ben Banchs

New Orleans, LA (July 4, 2013) - As the Nation celebrates Independence Day and showers itself in patriotism and fireworks, there's a group of about 52,000 men and women who are feeling outright rejected for their service to their country. They've answered the call to duty two, three, four, some even five times over the last decade; they wear the military uniform to work everyday, just like their counterparts in the active duty Army and Air Force; but starting July 8th these 52,000 men and women that form the backbone of the National Guard will begin to serve 11 days worth of furlough while the other military personnel will continue to receive their pay and benefits. And there's the rub; if technicians are military then why are they treated as civilians? Well, because they are...

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California Army National Guard
california_army_national_guard_liuna_local_2163_logo Union Contract between LIUNA Local 2163 and the CA National Guard is Approved by DoD

Agreement Closes 2-Years of Contract Negotiations, Improves Work Conditions 
by Ben Banchs

Sacramento, CA (September 23, 2013) - Army National Guard Technicians in California will have a clearer understanding of their workplace now that a new union contract has come into effect. After 2 years of back and forth negotiations, at times hostile, and amidst a relationship so sour that at some points it seemed nothing was ever going to get done, representatives of the Union and the California National Guard labored thru the hard times and put together a new document that will ensure both parties are protected for years to come.

Read full story here.

California Air National Guard
  More Troubles for the 129th RQW; Another Officer with DUI Arrest Fills High Profile Position, Baldwin Does Nothing

Leadership Void Plainly Evident Within the Ranks of the California National Guard
by Ben Banchs

Sacramento, CA (September 4, 2013) – Troubling new information continues to surface about the leadership of the California Air National Guard’s 129th Rescue Wing (RQW). Following the two most recent unflattering news stories concerning the handling of an attempted suicide by one of their own, and of how an officer with a DUI conviction is holding two high-profile positions within the Wing, the Union has learned of yet another senior leader within the 129th RQW who had a run in with local authorities earlier this year.

Read full story here.

Calif. Guard Tries to Serve Firing Papers to Member after Suicide Attempt

The California National Guard sends termination paperwork to Guard member in hospital hours after third suicide attempt

Mountain View, CA (June 26, 2013) - Those close to Jessica Brown, a master sergeant with Moffett Field’129th Rescue Wing 129th Rescue Wing129th Rescue Wing, say they believe the move is retaliation for exposing what has been described as a toxic culture inside the Guard. Last November in front of NBC Bay Area cameras Last November in front of NBC Bay Area cameras, Brown criticized her leaders for failing to properly handle a sexual assault she says happened to her while on duty in Las Vegas.

   129th RQW Troubles Continue; Officer with DUI Conviction Fills High Profile Positions, Awaits Promotion

Appointment of Same Officer to Fulfill the Role of Both SARC and PAO is Glaring Conflict of Interest
by Ben Banchs

Mountain View, CA (June 9, 2013) - The troubles continue to mount for the leadership of the 129th Rescue Wing (RQW) based at Moffett Field in Mountain View California, and for Major General David Baldwin, who continues to sit on the sidelines pretending everything is fine.

Read full story here.

jessica_brown_suicide_attempt  CA Air National Guard Whistleblower Attempts Suicide

Guard Leadership Sends Employment Termination Paperwork to ER Via Courier as She Lay Semi-conscious in Hospital
by Ben Banchs

Mountain View, CA (May 14, 2013) - Master Sergeant Jessica Brown, an Active Guard Reserve (AGR) member of the 129th Rescue Wing (RQW) based at Moffett Field in Mountain View, California, attempted suicide last Thursday, May 9th, after apparently finding out that a technicality may have derailed a Medical Evaluation Board (MEB) process she had been waiting on for over 18 months.

Read full story here

Chief Master Sergeant Chris Martin

photo credit:
NGB Misled the EEOC About Rep's Lack of Experience

Claimed EEO Manager was Inexperienced; Recognized Him for Being "One of the best in his field..." 

by Ben Banchs

New Orleans, LA (May 10, 2013) - As we previously reported, the National Guard Bureau's (NGB) is trying to convince Congress to enact legislation that would change who's responsible for hearing Dual-Status Technician complaints of harassment, discrimination, and even sexual assault. In accordance with Federal law, National Guard Dual-Status Technicians are civilian employees of the Department of the Army or Air Force. As such, whenever a technician has one of these types of complaints they can seek remedy through the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) process available to all Federal employees under Title VII. NGB's request to change the law would force technician complaints to be dealt with via military channels, and would limit the appeals process to the Adjutants General level, allowing no further review by anyone, not even Federal courts. 

Read full article here.

NGB Decides It's Easier to Change the Law than to Actually Follow It

Attempts to Strip Away Equal Employment (EEO) Protections from Military Technicians

by Ben Banchs

New Orleans, LA (May 4, 2013) -
At a time when the US Air Force is coming under fire because a top General used his legal discretion to overturn a jury conviction of sexual assault against a fellow officer, it would seem odd that another branch of the DoD would be thinking of doing anything but enhancing protections against sexual harassment and assault, and other workplace violations. Right? Wrong!

Click here for full article.

LiUNA! General President Terry O'Sullivan
Speaks Out Against NG Technician Furloughs
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YouTube FULL 30 Minute NBC Bay Area Report about the CA Natl' Guard


January 22, 2013

NBC Interviews LIUNA NGDC Business Manager About Corruption Allegations in CA

From NBC: "The California National Guard’s largest union is questioning the leadership of the organization’s highest ranking member, Adjutant General David Baldwin, following a series of investigations by the NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit and KNBC-TV in Los Angeles."

Culture of Corruption Within the National Guard:

2012: Corruption in the AZ NG Exposed by AZ Republic
2012: Corruption in the CA NG Exposed by SacBee
2012: Corruption in the GA NG Exposed by AJC
2011: Corruption in the LA NG Exposed by SAF IG
2010: Corruption in the TX NG Exposed by KHOU
Nationwide NG Corruption Exposed by USAToday
February 22, 2013

NBC Follow-up: CA Guard Leader Denies Accusations by Members

From NBC: "Members of the California National Guard have accused Adjutant General David Baldwin of failing to address what they call a toxic culture inside the Guard. For more than five months, Baldwin has avoided NBC Bay Area’s questions on the matter.

He has cancelled interviews and declined numerous requests to sit down and answer critical questions. The Investigative Unit told General Baldwin to expect cameras and questions, and he recently found both. NBC Bay Area caught up with him on the streets of San Francisco before he made an appearance at an event."

Mr. Jessey Baca and his wife Maria stand with Sen. Tom Udall (D-NM)
prior to his testimony in front of the Veteran's Affairs Committee
regarding his Burn Pit Registry legislation

Udall-Corker Burn Pit Registry Signed Into Law

Jessey and Maria Baca's Efforts
Will Benefit Many Others Who Were Exposed To The Toxic Plumes

 U.S. Sens. Tom Udall (D-N.M.) and Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) announced that today President Obama signed their bill to establish a registry of service members and veterans who were exposed to toxic chemicals and fumes from open-air burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan into law. Click here for the full story.

Related Story: MSgt Jessey Baca's Efforts Recognized by NM Local 1636

The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same
USA Today Documents Rampant Corruption at Highest Guard Levels...
Over 10 Years Ago!

Back in 2001 USA Today reported about a culture of misconduct that existed throughout the National Guard, and which thrived at the highest levels. Read more here.

Kathryn Lindberg (center wearing white) sits with other
California National Guard whistleblowers as they are questioned by
NBC News Reporters
NBC/NGDC Cross Paths:
Kathryn Lindberg's Story
Validates Corruption Claims

Career Pilot Was Grounded For Raising Concerns About Discrimination

As NBC continues to look into allegations of corruption, their investigation has crossed-paths with a case the Union became involved in at the request of MG David Baldwin. Kathryn Lindberg's nearly three-decade long flying career was unceremoniously ended by California National Guard leaders after she raised concerns about discrimination. Click here to read Kathryn's story.  

NBC Investigates Allegations: Discrimination, Harassment Rampant in CA Nat'l Guard

MG Baldwin Cancels Interview

NBC News affiliates in California have cracked the lid wide open on a 5-month long investigation concerning allegations of harassment, discrimination, and whistleblower retaliation practices which are going unchecked within the California National Guard.

The story is not news to this organization, and we're actually pleased that it's getting media attention. LIUNA NGDC is extremely disappointed in MG David Baldwin's inability or unwillingness to correct the culture of corruption that he was appointed to fix. While we publicly endorsed Baldwin's appointment last February, we're disturbed by the continued reluctance of his command to take action against senior leaders who are obviously abusing their power. 

You can access the NBC stories here:

NBC Los Angeles Investigative Report
NBC Bay Area Investigative Report
LiUNA! NGDC 2012 4Q Meeting Huge Success!!! Click to Read More...
 Check Out Video Messages to LIUNA National Guard Technicians from LIUNA GP and Members of Congress
Member Benefits
Union Plus Benefits Pay Off For One Member's Family as Daughter Graduates Top of Class, Receives Scholarship

Local 2132 Member Gets Help For College 
by Ben Banchs

Ben Banchs (right) stands with Richard Grosskopf at
the MATES Facility located in Grayling, Michigan.
Grayling, MI (October18, 2012) - If employees have any doubts as to the value of being a LIUNA member then all they need to do is listen to the story of Richard Grosskopf, a Member of Local 2132 since 1993. Richard has been in the Army for nearly 30 years. He spent 5 of those on active duty, and the rest with the Michigan Army National Guard. He's currently a Tool and Parts Attendant working at the MATES facility in Grayling, Michigan.

In early 2011 his daughter, Richelle, was getting ready to graduate from Grayling High School. She was ranked #1 in her class, and was already going to receive some tuition assistance because of her Leading Scholar performance. However, Richelle was looking for other ways to help ease the burden of tuition on her parents. So Richelle applied for one of the scholarships available to LIUNA Members through the Union Plus Web Site.

Richelle was one of over 100 applicants to receive a scholarship through the Union Plus program. She's listed on their page of recipients for 2011. Richelle was the only $3000 winner. The scholarship "helped tremendously" said Richard. With tuition costs reaching or exceeding $25,000, every little bit helps. Richelle is currently attending Michigan Tech (MTU). Congratulations to Richelle for all her achievements, and to Richard for his loyal service to his country and his long-term membership with the Union. We wish them all well.
Ready to Sound-Off?
Visit the
EANGUS and NGAUS Legislative Action Pages and Let Congress Know Where You Stand
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Hatch Act Guidance: What you can and can't do politically as a Federal Employee
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Changes to USERRA Law and What it Means to Guardsmen

The FY12 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) contained a provision that has gone largely unnoticed, but one that will have a significant impact on National Guard members who are ordered to stateside active duty by either the President or the Secretary of Defense, from now on. Click here to read story and Q&A from OPM.
Social Security Benefits Alert
8th Circuit Appeals Court Ruling May Have Significant Impact on Technician Retirement

Court decides that Social Security retirement benefits for National Guard Dual-Status Technicians are exempt from the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP). Click here to read full story.

YouTube FULL 30 Minute NBC Bay Area Report about the CA Natl' Guard

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